Client Recommendations

"I.T. Right has assisted BS&A software with our hardware and networking technology needs faithfully for over 12 years.  Their response to our needs has consistently been prompt and effective.  Their staff has worked not only to resolve our immediate networking needs, but also helped us engineer solutions to prevent future problems.  We have used their skills as educators in our training classes, working on setup of our network, and used them as a consultant at many of our client's sites.  No other consultant is more experienced or familiar with "Equalizer Software" than I.T. Right.  I am pleased to recommend I.T. Right"

Tom Szur
BS&A Software


The City of Sterling Heights has been very fortunate to develop a relationship with IT Right, and more importantly Dan Eggleston. Dan has personally assisted the City on several projects that required a high level of expertise. These projects have included configuration of our Web server, technical expertise on Database issues, and most importantly the recent upgrade of our Windows NT 4.0 domain controller to the Windows 2000 platform. The project involving the upgrade of our domain controller was a complete success. The upgrade was completed without any network down time or inconvenience to our users. Dan spent time with the staff here to ensure the network was performing properly, answered all questions pertaining to the upgrade, and explained all the new functionality with DNS and Active Directory. Dan has always been available to the City as an excellent resource, and is able to provide assistance on a wide variety of issues. Dan is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and an overall pleasure to work with. Finding a consultant of Dan’s stature is not an easy task and we appreciate the knowledge and expertise he has provided.
(Thanks for letting me describe)...the excellent level of service that IT Right has provided the City of Sterling Heights.
Thanks again,
Steven Deon
Network Administrator
City of Sterling Heights